Is Whale-Watching Interesting?

Whale watching excursion tours can be interesting but the adventure depends on several factors that can add up to an exciting experience or a disappointing one –  God forbid. Whale watching can be an expensive and time-consuming experience. However, it is worth investing in such good adventures as whale watching. There are several places to try this exceptional adventure, especially in Iceland, where whale-watching has become a household name on that side of the globe. If you are thrilled with the flukes whales make as they disappear into the deep waters like a bullet, then take a boat and go wild whale-watching. What is even more thrilling is when having the chance to swim along with the whales, or you might even see them under your boat and wonder what they will do next. Luckily those charming animals enjoy the company and are harmless. Even the huge humpback species are harmless, despite their potential to overturn the vessel. But these creatures are the gentlest creatures on earth, although you are allowed to tremble and shit to yourself to death if it is your first encounter with them.

Once you see the humpback whale up close, you will understand how gentle and harmless these creatures are, they have family units, have emotions and cry just like us. That is why we should lobby all environmentalists behind the safety of these creatures and put stringent sanctions on cruel Japanese poachers who kill the whales for a small part of their body and leave the rest of the carcass to rot, just like poachers who are after ivory do to elephant tusks leaving their carcass to rot in the jungle. And we wish they could understand how young ones feel when they are left motherless and most of them die without a mother figure. We should coin the word protect elephants to ‘protect whales from poachers’.

One horrible setback about whale watching is when you go into the sea and do not encounter or see any whale. Whale watching is an adventure to the sea to see the whales and other beautiful sea creatures. If you go for it and don’t see any whales, which often happens can be a disappointing experience. But realistically, whale watching is not good if you don’t have the budget, considering you will spend a fortune and you might not see a single one. Also, seasickness can be a real detractor from enjoyment. So, people must consider it before spending on this adventure unless they want to.

How to go whale-watching

There are many options to watch these playful creatures. You can decide to explore the sea if you are okay with the budget that comes with it or use the strongest binoculars to have a glimpse of these lovely sea mammals. If you often get seasick, the best bet is to invest in the strongest binoculars ever known to exist and you will enjoy the sight as much as cruising the sea waters via vessel or boat for a chance to encounter these playful sea wild animals.

If you don’t want to risk sea exploration, there are whale sanctuaries where you can visit and equally watch these creatures with their playful nature. You can also watch whales from the air. You can do this with the choppers or other airborne equipment, but they are capital intensive for ordinary citizens like you and me.

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